5 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A Quote for Custom Plastic Blow Molding!

If you are looking to get a quote for your next custom plastic blow molding project, consider these 5 things to make sure the process is smooth for both you and the companies you reach out to.


1. What Is Your Background?

If you have an engineering background, much of the process will be easier for you to both understand and explain to the design and build team you plan to use. If you don’t it’s important to understand what your limitations are, and how impactful the help of a professional team can be to your bottom line.


2. What Do You Want Your Product to Do?

Maybe your idea requires a certain type of material for strength or temperature. Consider the end result, and consider how you want your blow molded product to function. Perhaps your idea requires that the mold create a certain shape in a certain size. These are things a quality product engineer needs to know before they can properly advise you.


3. What Is the Quality of Your Concept, Drawing, or Sketches?

Did you have access to a CAD setup, or did you sketch your design by hand? Do you know the exact dimensions, or do you have a prototype or similar one you’d like to imitate? The accuracy of your price quote will depend on the accuracy of the information you are able to give the engineer in the early development stages.


4. How Many Do You Need?

What kind of quantity investment are you looking to make for this design? Are you looking for 10 units to start to see how they sell, or are you going to take the plunge and order 1000? All of this is significant in determining your cost per unit.


5. Is That All There Is to It?

Perhaps once you get the container produced, you will have to do something else to it to make a completed product. Maybe you will add a texture, or maybe it will fit into another container. Having this information handy, and explaining how you intend for your product to work, will be very helpful to the team helping you build your idea.



Regardless of where you are in the process, the team at Valencia Plastics can help you push your project to the finish line. The truth is the more you know about where you are, and where you want to be, the more helpful you can be to yourself, and the design team in the process.  Whether you’re looking to blow-mold a plastic bottle or another form, please contact us today and let’s make something great together!