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At Valencia Plastics, we are proud of our role in keeping the world safe and healthy. For almost two decades, we have been providing the medical industry with injection-molded components and products that assist in treating people and keeping them at their best.


Medical Injection Molding Services

We offer blow molding, plastic injection molding, as well as custom mold creation services to help you mass-produce the next life-saving idea.


Blow Molding

Primarily used to produce hollow plastic products such as bottles, blow molding uses compressed air to shape hot plastic into an open mold. 


Plastic Injection Molding

Complex plastic components, such as implants, can be manufactured using plastic injection molding, which is the process of using intense pressure to force hot plastic to take the shape of an open mold. 


Custom Mold Manufacturing

By creating a custom injection mold, a product can be mass-produced in a cost-effective, yet speedy manner. A high-quality mold is just as important as the finalized product it facilitates.


Medical Injection Molding Applications

The components and products produced via injection molding can be found throughout all facets of the medical industry.

At the facility level, injection molding is used to create components for surgical equipment and drug delivery equipment, including their housings. Tubes, cups, jars, and other storage devices are easily made with blow molding, and they can be found throughout the medical industry serving functions like organ harvesting and sample providing.

For individual use, injection molding creates permanent additions to one’s body, including prosthetics, implants, dentures, and more. Single-use products, such as needles and surgical instruments, can also be found in doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, hospitals, and trauma centers.


Medical Injection Molding Materials

Medical components and products are composed of a variety of materials. Typically, these materials are selected for their physical properties, such as their strength, durability. Materials most commonly used throughout the medical industry.



Naturally transparent, polycarbonate is perfect for components and products that demand visibility, such as tubing. It is also one of the strongest materials available and is capable of resisting heat, ultraviolet light, moisture, and vibration.



Due to its durability and smoothness, polyethylene is used most commonly for prosthetics and other wearable medical devices that require strength without sacrificing comfort. 



The majority of products and devices that require repeated cleaning via autoclave are made of polypropylene, which has high heat resistance. A bonus benefit: polypropylene naturally resists radiation.


Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

Approved by the FDA for food contact, PEEK is a medical grade plastic resin that also resists cracking and chemicals. It has a high tolerance for heat and can easily be sterilized by an autoclave.



As a material, Ultem is rigid and strong. It is unlikely to stress or crack, and it is capable of withstanding repeated autoclave sessions.

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Benefits of Medical Injection Molding

Injection molding is one of the most cost-effective manufacturing processes available. The machines and molds are exceptionally precise, and components can be produced at a rapid rate. Additionally, material and design considerations can be made regarding durability; strength; opacity; and resistance to chemicals, heat, vibration, and movement.

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Medical Injection Molding From Valencia Plastics

From product design to eventual production, the experts at our California facility are ready to assist you with your next project. Whether it’s bringing your never-before-seen idea to fruition or increasing production on a current product, we do it all.

For more information about how we can serve your injection molding needs, contact us today.


Wide Neck Packaging

We now stock wide neck canisters, containers, and lids.

Available in black, white, or order a custom color.

  • Blow Molded
  • From 44 fl oz to 1 gallon
  • Smooth and Ribbed Sided Lids