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Types of Plastics Used in Pharmaceuticals

Types of Plastics Used in Pharmaceuticals
April 15, 2020 Valencia Plastics

Plastic provides a cost-effective and reliable form of packaging for products in a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical sector. There are two types of polymers commonly used in pharmaceutical packaging: thermoplastics and thermosets. There is a distinct difference between these two material categories—thermoplastics can be reheated and remolded, while thermosets cannot. 

  • Thermosets are often preferred for sealed products because they offer structural integrity and superior heat resistance. They are often used to create protective layering for other packaging materials, as closures/lids for glass and plastic packaging, as durable pharmaceutical casings, and more. The most frequently used thermoset plastics include melamine formaldehyde, epoxy resins, phenol-formaldehyde.
  • Thermoplastics have a wide range of applications and manufactured at a large quantity with impeccable precision. This type of plastic is common for making plastic containers. Some of the most common thermoplastics include polyvinyl chloride, polypropylenes, polyethylene terephthalate, polyolefin.

Types Of Plastics In Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Packaging and Regulation

Plastic pharmaceutical packaging comes in multiple variants across all facets of the healthcare market. These pharmaceutical plastic packaging systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Medication bottles
  • Vials
  • Blood bags
  • Inhalers
  • Nebulizers
  • Syringes

Since these polymers come in direct contact with medications and biological agents, they must adhere to strict regulations from the USP, FDA, and other regulatory bodies. These guidelines indicate physiochemical and biological reactivity testing for all polymers. Pharmaceutical plastics must also undergo chemical safety assessments to guarantee safe use with pharma products, including leaching and extractables testing.


Plastic Blow Molding at Valencia

Valencia Plastics offers sealable solid plastic containers that prevent foreign elements from contaminating any medicine within. This is particularly valuable for liquids that risk change their chemical composition upon exposure to air. 

We create sealable plastic containers using plastic blow molding. The blow molding process is compatible with a variety of plastic types. Material selection is based on physical requirements, such as stiffness, chemical resistances, and flexibility.  


Our Expertise At Valencia

Established in 2000, Valencia Plastics offers extensive experience in blow molding and injection molding, making us a full-service manufacturer of plastics. Some of the industries we have served include:

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Optical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial

Our company offers our products and services worldwide. We also offer environmentally friendly plastic options made from recycled resin products. All of our products are ISO 9001:2015-certified, ensuring our products are of the highest quality. 


Start to Finish

At Valencia Plastics, our end-to-end plastic manufacturing services ensure on-stop shopping for our customers. Our services include:

  • New product design
  • Engineering services using Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Complete in-house mold shop utilizing Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software 
  • Affordable short production/prototyping
  • A 24/7 full-scale production team
  • Product assembly and fulfillment with custom packaging

If you would like to learn more about how injection molding or blow molding at Valencia Plastics might be the right move for your pharmaceutical business, please contact us today.