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Four Benefits of Blow Molded Plastic Solutions

Four Benefits of Blow Molded Plastic Solutions
May 16, 2019 sdcpm
Plastic bottles on a production line

Four Benefits of Blow Molded Plastic Solutions


Blow molding is one of the many processes used by plastic injection molding companies. It involves placing a molten tube of thermoplastic material (often referred to as a preform or parison) within a mold cavity and inflating it with compressed air. The air forces the molten tube to take the shape of the mold cavity it was placed in.

Due to its efficiency, the blow molding process can be used in different industries. In addition, the process has enabled engineers to attempt the creation of several designs and applications resulting in multiple uses. The following benefits are four significant advantages of blow molded plastic solutions.

1. Automation

Earlier developments of the Placo X-Y machine from Japan led to the introduction of 3D blow molding. 3D blow molding is an automated production process that, due to the accurate receptacle it creates, enables the seamless incorporation of parts and increased production speed. Also, automation help manufacturers retain the quality of a wide range of blow-molded products.

2. Mass Production

The blow molding process results in quality output. For this reason, it is one of the most used in plastic production globally. With the use of machines that have 3D molding capabilities, blow molding can help manufacturers produce many units within a short period of time.

3. Cost-Effective

Extrusion blow molding uses a relatively lower level of pressure. This reduces the expenses incurred in the production process and makes the product cost-efficient. Also, the use of the blow molding process will allow manufacturers to minimize high labor costs.

4. Multiple Production Methods

The various methods made possible with blow molding allows manufacturers to have several production options and more extensive possibilities on the products produced. Extrusion blow molding, for example, can be used to create products like light bulbs, while injection blow molding produces receptacles in large quantities. On top of that, blow molding is a process that is continuously developed with the end goal being full automation.

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