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Modern Healthcare: The Advantages of Injected Plastics

Modern Healthcare: The Advantages of Injected Plastics
January 25, 2018 sdcpm
Plastic pill container

Modern Healthcare: The Advantages of Injected Plastics


The healthcare industry no longer relies on leeches and guesswork. As a result of modern advances in technology, quality of care is increasing while the cost of care is decreasing. The changes are never-ending, however. In order to remain best in class, healthcare product providers must stay on top of the newest, greatest technologies. One such technology is plastic injection molding. This process creates a given product by injecting hot, melted plastic into a mold. Once the plastic hardens, it is removed from the mold, and a product is born. This process can be used to make an infinite amount of medical materials, from the smallest components to entire devices.

There are a number of reasons that manufacturers of healthcare products are turning to injection molding and shying away from production methods of the past.


Reducing Infection

Antimicrobial plastics can be used in many applications. These specialty plastics are able to repel, and in some cases even kill harmful bacteria. This is extremely effective at preventing the spread of infection. These plastics are even highly effective when they are not regularly sanitized.


Lowering Costs

Plastics are cheaper and more durable than most metals used in medical settings. The injection molding process is faster and has higher tolerances than other production methods.


Increasing Safety

Plastic materials make it possible to create tamper-proof packagings like childproof caps and blister packs. Plastic is also shatterproof, making it safer than glass packaging, both during transport and during consumer use.


Greater Innovation

Plastic injection molding allows for greater finesse in production, which means that products that previously were impossible to produce can now be produced with ease. Pacemakers, stents, and surgical devices can all be made with plastic injection molding. Injection molding can also be used in medical device prototyping to quickly develop new products.


Lower Margins of Error

Injection molded surgical instruments, prosthetics, and implants can be color-coded. This means that medical professionals can work with higher levels of accuracy and with greater speed. The less time a patient spends in surgery, the better their prognosis is, so this advantage is key in continuing medical advances.


At Valencia Plastics we are proud to produce injection molded products for any application, including for applications in healthcare. In addition, we offer many blow molding products for applications in pharmaceuticals. Contact us to learn more about how our engineers can help you get incredible results on any of your projects.




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