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Plastic Manufacturers and The Telecommunications Industry: A Partnership for Reliability

Plastic Manufacturers and The Telecommunications Industry: A Partnership for Reliability
October 5, 2017 sdcpm
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Plastic Manufacturers and The Telecommunications Industry: A Partnership for Reliability


The industrial term “telecommunications” conjures up images of complex printed circuit boards, internet routers, smart cell phones, and sophisticated computer chips, but the plastic components which are integral parts of these high-end electronic peripherals might hardly get an afterthought. But think about this. A typical TV remote contains 69 plastic parts, and we’re just counting those showing on the exterior.


The Plastics/Telecomm Partnership

Indeed, plastic has such a critical role in the telecommunications industry that it’s difficult to come up with a product in the field which doesn’t include it. Blow molded plastic is found universally across the telecommunications field, in all applications from copper cable and fiber-optic to microwave and Wi-fi equipment used by wireless-system providers. Plastic’s inherent insulating properties make it indisposable for electronic applications, especially when addressing the indoor-outdoor variables encountered in the telecommunications industry.


Blow Molded Plastic Durability

Wire splices and joints can be especially vulnerable to degradation caused by exposure to inclement weather elements, as well as insect and animal invasion. Blow molded plastic is impervious to these elements and is so durable under adverse conditions that 20-year endurance guarantees are not uncommon. Double-walled construction enhances durability even further, and the inert (odorless, tasteless) nature of the plastic discourages animal and insect attack.


Double-Walled Strength as Strong as Steel

The same double-walled redundancy used in wire splice covers makes blow molded plastic the optimal material for the enclosure of the larger components of telecommunication systems. Steel boxes cost more and are vulnerable to corrosion, as well as undesired expansion and contraction caused by seasonal temperature variations. Double-walled plastic enclosures for switches, terminals, signal boosters, and routers provide more durable, reliable protection for a fraction of the cost.


At Valencia Plastics we manufacture a complete line of injection and blow molded products for telecommunication applications and more, and we offer full service from concept to finished product. In fact, our industries served covers everything from the construction industry to pharmaceutical packaging. For more details don’t hesitate to contact us.


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