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The Top 5 Benefits of Injection Molded Parts In The Aerospace Industry

The Top 5 Benefits of Injection Molded Parts In The Aerospace Industry
August 31, 2015 sdcpm
An F-22A Raptor flying above the clouds.

The Top 5 Benefits of Injection Molded Parts In The Aerospace Industry


Injection molding is crucial for many products in the aerospace industry. Those include utility parts like circuit breaker tags, bulkhead components and other components like instrument knobs or even turbine blades. Injection molding is widely used because it provides solid, reliable, repeatable, and cost-effective options for mass production. Here are the top 5 benefits why companies choose to use injection molded parts.



Injection molded parts are made with precision. Aircraft parts have to fit perfectly with little to no error. The slightest problem will cause delays to fix or replace parts. That costs money and inconveniences the staff. It also reduces safety which could lead to catastrophic consequences.


Light Weight

In the age of extreme cost consciousness for airlines, weight is an important consideration. That is because the heavier the item the more fuel it will consume over time. While one heavy knob will not amount to much fuel loss, dozens of knobs and bezels traveling millions of miles on an aircraft over time make a real difference.



Injection molding is an extremely scalable manufacturing process because the parts and materials are identical. That means that once the process is set-up, it can be repeated over and over. Production is rapid and cheap so orders can be filled quickly and at a low cost.



For the mission critical parts, reliability, strength, and durability are key. Injection molded parts can be made to exact safety specifications that guarantee the safety of the passengers and cargo. Injection molding parts can meet the standard of ten thousand to one hundred thousand true position holes.


Rapid Prototyping

Plastic injection molding is ideal for rapid prototyping of new aircraft parts. With a plastic prototype, you can check proper size and fit and be able to make changes in days instead of weeks using traditional prototyping methods.


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