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The Basics Of Flash Removal For Blow Molding

The Basics Of Flash Removal For Blow Molding
February 15, 2018 sdcdesign
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The Basics Of Flash Removal For Blow Molding


While extrusion blow molding is an efficient, accurate, effective way to mold plastic bottles and other cavity-containing products, it does, in fact, result in some excess plastic being pinched and left around the outer edges. Known as a flash, that excess plastic must be removed, either by hand or mechanically, after the mold is completed. Here are some of the things you should know about flash and how to deal with it.



How Does Flash Affect Molded Products?

Flash can have a direct effect on the final quality of your molded products, and understanding that can help you to address it properly and improve the final appearance and function of your molded plastic items. First, the design of the blow-molded product, including its size and shape, will contribute to how much flash you have left to deal with after molding. If you are making bottles with trigger spray components, the offset required for that will lead to more flash than you would have with a centered, streamlined design.



What Concerns Are There With Removing Flash?

When you remove flash from your plastic molds, you risk causing damage to the final mold. That’s why it is important to minimize how much flash is left in your mold when it’s finished. After all, rough edges on a bottle from the flash will detract from the appearance of the bottle. In addition, if there is too much flash left on the top of the neck of a bottle, it can interfere with the threads on the bottle and affect the way that it closes.



How Can You Minimize The Effects Of Removing Flash?

In addition to minimizing the amount of flash that’s left through refining your mold design, you can also minimize the effects of flash removal by maintaining your molds. Keep the pinch-off areas clean and in good condition. When they start to wear, they aren’t raised well enough to create an easily removed flash. Conduct routine inspections and maintenance on your molds and do quality checks of the last-run products every time you run a production cycle.



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