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Top Design Considerations For Blow Molding Manufacturing

Top Design Considerations For Blow Molding Manufacturing
April 19, 2018 sdcdesign
Plastic bottle blow molding machine in a factory

Top Design Considerations For Blow Molding Manufacturing


What should you consider as important for designing blow-molded plastic pieces or products? Since blow molding expands plastics to conform to a larger container, you have many additional design options from blow-molded manufacturing than just traditional manufacturing.


Blown plastic designs produce hollow type plastics, including:


Since extrusion blown molding involves expanding the plastics to fit a balloon-type shape, it has significant advantages and also limitations over other manufacturing methods.


The advantages include:

  • Faster Production Rates
  • Lower Costs for Tool and Die
  • Unique Customization of the Mold


Disadvantages include:

  • All End Products are Hollow
  • Limit to Thickness of the Plastic
  • To Create Thicker Plastics, Multiple Types of Plastic Are Layered Together, Preventing Recycling.


3 Design Principles Using Blow Molding Manufacturing

When considering blow molding manufacturing, employ these design principles to get the best out of your blown modeling.


Plan With Radii Involved

Because of the blow molding process involved with blowing a plastic to fill a hollow space, the best manufacturing results are for products with large circular movements across the item rather than straight lines and perpendicular connections. Design any product that will be manufactured using blow molding to follow the principles of spherical geometry, not Euclidean.


Create With The End in Mind

Does your product need to be a simple blown extrusion model or more complex multi-layer extrusion? The questions of how to manufacture a product are often answered by the design of that product. Design looks at the intended use of the product and creates an action plan to get there, then produces a quote for your blow-molded plastic project.


Understand the Properties of Plastics

Since many plastics and moldings carry different strengths, certain manufacturing processes include multilayer parisons to increase the thickness and diversity of the plastics in the container. This increases the strength of an object, but decreases the ability for people and organizations to recycle the product .


This overview and basic principle list for blow molding manufacturing should help you understand how to incorporate blown model manufacturing into your manufacturing processes. If you have questions about plastics, the blow molding manufacturing process, or other plastics, please mention them in the comments below or contact us and we will cover your questions in later blogs.


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