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Blow Molded Concrete Forms: On the Leading Edge of 21st Century Construction

Blow Molded Concrete Forms: On the Leading Edge of 21st Century Construction
October 26, 2017 sdcpm
Concrete forms created by blow molding

Blow Molded Concrete Forms: On the Leading Edge of 21st Century Construction


Blow molded technology has always been a leading contributor toward the advancement of the construction industry. Power tools, hand tools, heavy equipment, toolboxes and custom-fit cases all derive from blow-molded plastic manufacturing techniques. Now blow-molded plastic forms are poised to play a primary role in the actual construction technique of durable, super-efficient, houses and buildings.


A Leading Edge 21st Century Construction Trend

In the 21st Century, amidst growing concerns about climate change, carbon footprints, and material sustainability, the construction industry has focused on more eco-friendly construction methods. In the wake of a catastrophic hurricane season in 2017, the need for stormproof housing has been highlighted even further. One of the most promising and beneficial solutions to these concerns is known as ICF or Insulated Concrete Form construction.


A Superior Eco-Friendly Building

ICF construction forms were initially used for quick-building basements, but the technology has advanced now to the point where walls of up to 100’ can be erected with the lightweight polyethylene lined forms. Concrete made from sand, gravel, and cement eliminates the consumption of lumber from slow-growing, hard to replace trees.

The resulting house or building is a continuous, solid concrete shell with a superior insulated thermal efficiency usually around R20, which means smaller heating and cooling systems can be installed, reducing the building’s carbon footprint. Reduced energy cost is an ongoing return on investment for the ICF homeowner.

Wall thicknesses can range from 4” to 10” providing outstanding structural strength. The concrete construction is durable enough to withstand extreme weather, and since wood has been eliminated from the building envelope, moisture, termites, and pest damage are no longer a concern.


Concrete Form Construction Reduces Time and Labor

When we think of a concrete construction project we might imagine large numbers of laborers and skilled masons would be required for the job, but with concrete forms, the building envelope (walls) are poured in place. The hollow lightweight blow-molded plastic forms are easily handled during setup, reducing the required manpower needed for more traditional forms of block masonry or wood-framed construction.


Blow Molding at Valencia Plastics

At Valencia Plastics our team has the expertise to create custom molds in-house, providing concept to shelf support for both blow-molded and injection molded plastic production. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your special project.


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