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Choosing a Custom Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

Choosing a Custom Plastic Bottle Manufacturer
November 23, 2017 sdcpm
Plastic blow molded bottles in different colors

Choosing a Custom Plastic Bottle Manufacturer


When choosing a custom plastic bottle manufacturer, you need to consider several important factors. Here are some important options to explore before deciding who will produce your bottles.



One decision is the number of bottles needed. Are you going into production with a proven product? If you already know how many you need, you may be able to negotiate a better price.



What will your bottles contain? Certain chemicals, as well as foods, need specific kinds of plastics. Are bottles of this material something the manufacturer produces?



How your bottles look may be important to you. This could be significant for branding and product recognition. Do your bottles need a customized cap?



What colors are available? Sometimes the manufacturer can offer alternatives to their standard colors if your order is large enough.



Do you want your bottles to have labels or embossed logos? Does the manufacturer offer in-house design services? Will they make changes after the order has been placed?


Manufacturing Location

Plastics are produced globally. Do you want to buy foreign or locally made bottles? Be sure to ask the manufacturer what the shipping charges would be.



What is the manufacturer’s reputation? Do they offer good customer service if you are not satisfied? Would you be able to return the bottles if they don’t meet your standards?



As you can see, with so many possibilities, you should decide what your priorities are. Then contact a manufacturer that can help you pick the options that are right for you. Here at Valencia Plastics we are experts in the blow molded plastics field and are happy to discuss your particular needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.






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