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Child’s Play, Plastics Toys and an Intelligence Revolution

Child’s Play, Plastics Toys and an Intelligence Revolution
December 28, 2017 sdcpm
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Child’s Play, Plastics Toys, and an Intelligence Revolution


Since their inception, plastic polymers have revolutionized every facet of life. Quickly produced items and parts through injection molding have increased productivity and quality of life. The advent of the plastic is the basic building block of our modern life, and nowhere is this more apparent than in our children’s lives and their playthings.


Greater Availability

Never before have so many resources been devoted to child’s play. Plastic is the crux of this proliferation of toys. Quickly and inexpensively produced playthings of high durability have flooded homes across the globe. A plastic toy can be found in nearly every child’s arsenal.


Developmental Play

Some toys are used to foster stronger physical, social, and mental skills. Shape matching toys, dolls and action figures, puzzles, and coordination trainers are all effectively made and widely distributed with plastics. Our children overall are better and smarter than ever before in the history of mankind.


Creative Play

Beyond basic development, toys allow the expression of individuality and nurture the creative force. Your next engineer or architect is playing with interlocking brick toys made of injection molded plastic. A future celebrity chef is playing in a molded plastic kitchen with molded plastic pots and pans. And a little Beethoven is pounding out dissonance on a plastic piano his uncle bought for him.


Plastic has done more for our society than any other material. It shows in the great achievements of ourselves and our children. So much is progressed through durable, inexpensive plastics. We here at Valencia Plastics are experts in plastics and are ready to discuss your needs. Contact us, we’re waiting to hear from you.


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