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5 Reasons why a Plastic Screw is Sometimes the Better Choice

5 Reasons why a Plastic Screw is Sometimes the Better Choice
January 11, 2018 sdcpm
Plastic screws

5 Reasons why a Plastic Screw is Sometimes the Better Choice


If you are trying to choose the right screw for your invention or project: consider plastic. There are times when a plastic screw will provide more benefits to the finished product than metal. Here are the top 5 reasons why a plastic screw is sometimes the better choice in the construction industry and beyond.


Won’t Conduct Electricity

Plastic cannot conduct electricity. Plastic screws are perfect for the circuit boards of household and office items such as computers, cell phones, televisions, and microwaves. Use of metal on anything electrical could end up giving the consumer a nice shock when the product is plugged into a wall outlet.


Zero Rust

Plastic does not rust. Children’s toys require frequent cleaning, and end may up in the water just because someone wanted to see it float, or give it a bath. A toy manufactured with plastic screws will endure this much better than one with metal screws.


Color Options

Manufacturing plastic in a variety of colors does not add considerable cost to your product: This makes your product more attractive to the consumer and increases sales potential. This is especially true for household and office decor items.


UV Resistant

Some plastics are UV resistant. If your product will endure extended periods of sun exposure like a water sprinkler or a deck chair: UV rays will erode the finish. This may cause a change in the color of the material, and cause damage. Plastic screws made from UV resistant material will help to avoid this type of damage, therefore the product may last more than one summer.


Less Expensive

Plastic screws are less expensive, as many use injection molding instead of die casting. This is a major consideration when calculating the cost of manufacturing any product. You do not want to lose a product order to the competition because of a lower price when plastic screw will not sacrifice quality.


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