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Consider the True Cost of Your Mold before Buying Cheap

Consider the True Cost of Your Mold before Buying Cheap
December 14, 2017 sdcpm
Plastic mold making machine

Consider the True Cost of Your Mold before Buying Cheap


Wondering what a plastic injection mold will cost? It’s the most important question in the process, really. But, the answer isn’t as simple as it may seem. Just like buying a car, a new computer, or even a pair of shoes, the options and pricing vary based on the complexity and detail. The good news? While the mold is the most expensive part of the process, once you’ve bought it, you’ve set your business model up for a low-cost-per-product for many years to come.


While you might be tempted to find the cheapest mold possible, keep these things in mind before you make that purchase:


Life Cycle

Molds are made from two materials: aluminum or steel. Aluminum molds are the less expensive of the two and might be a great choice if you don’t need the mold to last long-term or to produce a high volume of pieces. Hardened steel molds have a longer production life and produce higher quality pieces, giving you more bang for your buck with longer runs of higher quality. Consider the volume you need to create, the length of time you plan to create your product with each mold, and how consistent you’d like your product to remain. While aluminum has a place in the market and is certainly a cheaper option, it may cost you more over the long haul if you have to replace it too soon.



The complexity of the part you are making plays a big part in the overall cost of the mold. Things such as the materials you will use in your mold, the number of cavities required, and the type of mold base all make a difference in the overall mold cost. But, creating your product with a higher grade mold results in higher quality products, which only builds your customer confidence and reputation.


Think Long Term

If the cost of a quality mold is a stumbling block, consider the long-term outlook. The amortization of the mold over the years of use is a great way to break down the price and see how it affects the part price. Let’s say you’ve chosen a high-quality steel mold at a cost of $30,000. When you break that down over a three-year period, during which time you make 400,000 parts; the cost per year is only $10,000. And better yet, the cost of your mold per part you’ve produced is less than $0.08! That’s quite a value.


Providing the mold manufacturer with as much information about your product and needs upfront is key to getting the best cost estimate. While the initial cost may be higher than you anticipated for a quality mold, the end result of your product will pay off for years to come. Contact us today and let us help you wow your customers with quality products that speak for themselves!




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