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Plastic Injection Molding Vs. Die Casting

Plastic Injection Molding Vs. Die Casting
February 1, 2018 sdcdesign
Plastic injection molding factory

Plastic Injection Molding Vs. Die Casting


Plastic injection molding and die casting are two common forms of modern product manufacture.

Let’s look at how each of them works.


Injection Molding

Injection molding is a very popular manufacturing process, largely because it can use a reasonably wide variety of materials and thus be used to create a similarly wide variety of products. Although these materials include metal and glass, the most common one is plastic.

Once the manufacturer has finished design ready to go, the raw plastic is melted in a large barrel. After the plastic has been fully liquefied, it is injected into a strong metal mold until it completely fills the mold, thus taking its shape. After this, the plastic is given sufficient time to cool, then ejected from the molding machine. This process can create anything made out of solid plastic- toys, plastic silverware, appliances, combs and so on.

Injection molding has some of the most obvious advantages of any manufacturing method. It has maximum cost-effectiveness due to the almost complete lack of waste produced. In addition, done correctly, the molding process creates consistently solid, high-quality products.


Die Casting

Die casting is similar to injection molding, except it only uses metal. The metal is melted down, poured otherwise forced into steel molds, and allowed to cool before being removed from the machine. Just like the comb in your bathroom was likely made through plastic injection molding, the hammer in your toolbox was probably made through die casting.

In injection molding and die casting, the system can be automated, and with die casting the molds are reusable, and products made through the process tend to be more durable.



Plastic injection molding and die casting are highly similar processes. Their main difference is simply what materials are used in those processes. Injection molding may have an advantage, however, due to the reduced expense of molding plastic does not need to be raised to nearly as high of a temperature as metal to be put into a mold).

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