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Why is Plastic Injection Molding Ideal for Military Use?

Why is Plastic Injection Molding Ideal for Military Use?
September 8, 2017 sdcpm
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Why is Plastic Injection Molding Ideal for Military Use?


A frequently asked question is: “Why is plastic injection molding ideal for military use?”

To answer this, let’s look at what plastic injection molding is and the benefits the military will see from using this type of process in the manufacture of equipment and products.

Plastic is one of the most common materials used to produce many items in our homes and in the military. Considered safe and strong, plastic is one of the key ingredients in products we use on a daily basis.


Tactical Equipment

Plastic tactical equipment is very common in the military because plastic is a durable lightweight and waterproof material that does not conduct electricity. Plastic is used for numerous objects of military use, from simple hooks to delicate compass cases and some high precision weapons parts.


Specialized Equipment

Using a specialized injection molding process and equipment that performs to precise standards, assures the outcome of dependable items and ensures specifications are kept in check. This aspect of injection molding is valuable to tactical applications for uniformity and dependability in the field.


Saves Time and Money

Injection molding equipment saves time and costs in production plus lightweight products save the cost of shipping, which amounts to more funds for product orders in the military budget. Small and large orders of precision items tailored to military specs reproduce quickly using injection molding equipment.

Top performance products with dependability are critical to tactical success and with these benefits available from Valencia Plastics the military and aerospace industries can rely on dependable uniformity in tactical equipment for all operations.


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