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Why Surface Finish Is Important On Your Injection Molded Projects

Why Surface Finish Is Important On Your Injection Molded Projects
April 5, 2018 sdcdesign
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Why Surface Finish is Important On Your Injection Molded Projects


The surface finish of your product is as important as any other factor in your product’s design. Not only can it increase your product’s value in the eyes’ of your customers, it can also have an impact on usability and performance.

There are many different types of surface finishes. Your choice of surface finish for your plastic molded project will depend on the chemical components of the polymer blend, it’s physical properties, and the product’s function. Your chosen finish will also play a big role in the molding process because it will affect the types of materials and tools used, and also the manufacturing process.

Important aspects to consider when choosing your plastic molded product’s  finish are:


Function and Appearance

The surface finish you choose will make your product more attractive to potential customers as well as increase its practicality. A textured finish can improve your product’s grip. It will prevent your product from easily slipping and could increase it’s safety. A textured finish can also Increase your product’s palm and sticker adhesion. Paint and stickers are more likely to stay affixed to textured surfaces. 

An experienced Injection molder can provide you with the various finish options you can choose from to achieve your desired outcome.


Plastic Surface Finish Types

Steel molds provide a wide range of possible finishes. Polished steel molds create a smoother surface than aluminum molds. You have the choice of having a polished finish, i.e., a surface that is clear of texture and machine marks, or a textured finish.


There’s a wide variety of textures to choose from:

  • Leather grains/hides
  • Graphics
  • Geometrics and linens
  • Slate or woodgrain
  • Images and logos incorporated into the pattern
  • Etching

These are Just a few examples of the many textures available.


Material Choice

The materials you use, in addition to the additives and injection molding parameters, may impact the end result of your final product. When it comes to gloss and roughness, the materials you choose will determine to the end look you’re after. An injection molding company with mold-flow simulation software will be able to explore the different materials and how they’ll affect the surface finish. Your injection molder will be able to tell you which materials to use, which additives to stay away from, and other important factors that will give you the finish you desire.


Speed and Temperature of Injection

Another factor that will affect the finish of your product is the injection speed and temperature. High-injection temperature, combined with a fast-injection speed will give your product a smooth and glossy finish. Also, fast-injection speeds will reduce weld lines and improve the product’s overall look. In contrast, a low temperature and slow speed run will give your finished product a rough look.


If you aren’t sure which surface finish you need, Contact Us at Valencia Plastics. Let our plastic injection molding experts guide you through the entire molding process and ensure your end products are of the highest quality.



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