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How to Choose The Right Partner For Your Custom Plastic Injection Molded Project

How to Choose The Right Partner For Your Custom Plastic Injection Molded Project
March 15, 2018 sdcdesign
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How to Choose The Right Partner For Your Custom Plastic Injection Molded Project


The success of your next plastic injection molded project hinges on your ability to select an accomplished design partner. Failure to use discretion as you evaluate potential partners can lead poor design quality, product malfunction, and a tarnished industry reputation for your company. Below are five steps to help you choose the right partner for your next custom plastic injection molded project.


Unparalleled Industry Expertise

A top-notch design partner will demonstrate a strong commitment to flawless construction and quality assurance. As you evaluate potential partners, ask about the mechanisms they have in place to test products and reduce the likelihood of defects. Ideally, the partner you select should be ISO 9001 compliant.


 Keen Attention to Detail

The design partner you choose should be able to quickly list the reasons why their design process is second to none. Additionally, they should have a vested interest in designing a product that is customized to meet your specific needs. During your initial consultation, they should ask you to clearly outline your requirements and should be prepared to tell you exactly how they will meet them.


 A Direct Approach

Many potential partners will be prepared to tell you what you want to hear when you inquire about product sustainability and dedication to cutting-edge design. Do your best to cut through the fluff and seek a partner that will not overpromise.



Choosing an injection molding partner with the resources to meet your needs and grow alongside your company is vital to long-term industry success. The partner you select should be able to handle projects of any size and have the human resources to ensure that you meet the deadlines set by your customers.


Superb Customer Service

There is no substitute for stellar customer service when selecting a design partner. Choosing an accessible, responsive partner with at least a decade of service is essential to ensuring your satisfaction with your product.


Your Total Solution to Your Plastic Injection Molding Needs

Finding a partner that possesses all of the attributes above is not easy. Fortunately, Valencia Plastics exhibits all of the above qualities and more. With over 15 years of market experience, our team of engineers and project managers is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of clients across a variety of industries. We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you develop an award-winning product. We look forward to becoming your total solution to all of your plastic injection molding needs!


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