Here are six important things to consider when choosing a plastic injection molding company:


1. Design Considerations

Beginning with a clear concept will ensure that each step along the production process goes smoothly and efficiently. When you simplify geometry and minimize the number of parts early on, your return on investment will be greatly increased.


2. Production Volume and Capacity

Low to moderate volume plastic molders specialize in production of parts numbering under 10,000 units. This is an option when you need to quickly produce a prototype or for applications that do not demand larger numbers of parts.

High volume molders are chosen for jobs running over 750,000 units and usually turn out parts using small-sized molds.


3. One-stop & Full Service

Whether you plan to purchase custom blow molded bottles or need help with a new invention, our shop offers start to finish manufacturing services. By consulting as early in the design and concept stages of your product, we can work together to create a great product with valuable cost and timing efficiencies.


4. Specification Compliance

Avoid compromises by choosing an injection molder who can assist you by suggesting appropriate design changes only as needed to improve the finished product. You should be able to rely on their expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies to guide savings of time and money throughout the design, development and production process.


5. Quality Standards

Some questions to consider:

  • Must your parts pass strict inspections and/or meet high quality and safety standards?
  • Does the molder own and operate high quality and efficient machines?
  • Are they recognized in the industry or have they won awards for performance?
  • Who else have they worked with?
  • Do they have updated software and engineering services?
  • Are they ISO certified and compliant?


6. The Time Factor

The time it takes from initial concept to finished product varies greatly from project to project. Clear communication with all involved parties is critical at all stages of the manufacturing process. Make sure you discuss any time constraints from the start. The best case scenario allows ample time for potential delays in design (revisions), manufacturing, and shipping.


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