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Three Major Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

Three Major Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding
March 8, 2018 sdcdesign
Plastic injection molded model of a military tank

Three Major Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding


These days plastics are used in almost every industry. From automotive to aerospace, construction to military, and medical to pet products, plastics fill a need. Plastics are the solution to many problems and worries facing businesses. They are cost-effective and available in various forms and finishes.

And for all of the options in plastics, from deciding on the plastic molding process to the production itself, developing a detailed plan right at the start is critical. For mass-production purposes, injection molding is the manufacturing process of choice.


1. Highly customizable

Beginning with the concept and design phase, each component can be created to exact specifications. This is crucial and very important in every industry that demands uniformity and precision, such as medical, aeronautical, and automotive. In addition to design detail, the type of raw materials used can be customized. For rigid products, fillers can be added for strength and stability. And flexible plastics are better suited to injection molding over machining.


2. Precision

The injection molding process ensures accuracy of 0.005 inches, critical to meeting quality control demands. Production accuracy means less waste of raw material, fewer production errors, and a superior end product. This high-quality standard also ensures that the customers and end users will be satisfied. In fact, the indicator of how well a product fills its role is when nothing happens during normal use to draw attention to itself.


3. Economical

The entire production process is fast and efficient. Since it is automated, staff needs are limited, cutting down on production and operation costs. Automation also cuts down on production errors and material waste. The amount of raw materials needed for a production run can be fairly accurately calculated beforehand by an expert injection molding provider. If there is any excess it can be reused to make more of the same product or for another project.



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