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Blow Molding in the US vs. China

Blow Molding in the US vs. China
May 29, 2018 sdcpm
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Blow Molding in the US vs. China


As an inventor or a business owner, one of the most important decisions you make for your product is where to manufacture them. There are many blow-molding suppliers in the USA to choose from and an equally impressive number overseas. When choosing where to manufacture your product, you’ll look at the quality, cost, and the speed in which the product will be made and delivered. Lastly, if you are dealing with government contracts you may also have to deal with regulations that may require you to produce your products in the US. With all of these variables to consider, we put together this helpful guide to make your decision easier by comparing USA blow-molding with overseas blow-molding.


High Quality Blow Molding

Higher Quality

Molds made in the USA are generally higher quality than molds made elsewhere. Many overseas companies use lower-cost material that reduces the products’ shelf-life. Thus, your products won’t be as durable. Are there molds made out of steel or Aluminum? While steel molds are more expensive depending on the type of steel used, they will last longer and be able to produce for a longer period of time. Using the right steel for your mold could make the difference between producing 100,000 pieces or 1 million pieces. USA suppliers have access to top-notch materials, which means your products will be higher quality and long-lasting.


Faster Shipping

Faster Delivery Speed

Choosing a supplier that is in the same country as you has its benefits. Your supplier will have multiple means of transportation to reach you; be it by airplane, car, or train and at reasonable rates. Dealing with overseas suppliers will also limit the methods by which they can send your products. The most common method is via container ships which can add 4-6 weeks to your timeline. If you are in a rush and need it faster you will have to pay air freight which can add considerable costs to your projects and make you less competitive in your industry. Also, going the shipping route can potentially lead to delays and missed project deadlines.


Good Communications

Improved Communications

Everyone knows that the key to success for any project is clear and concise communications. If you decide to have your products made overseas, you will have to take into account the language barrier, and sometimes cultural sensitivities. Also, make sure you are prepared to effectively communicate your exact needs to the supplier. Having good communications with your supplier is essential to get the results you need and avoid costly mistakes by reducing the chance that errors may occur.


Risk and Safety

Higher Risks and Reduced Safety

In the US, there is a lot of government oversight in manufacturing to protect both consumers and the environment. Because of that, products made in the USA are safer for the environment and also for workers and consumers. Due to lack of regulation overseas, many suppliers often risk the health of their workers and in certain cases your customers by using materials that are deemed harmful here in the US. Federal guidelines on acceptable materials for children’s toys are not something to be taken lightly and must be strictly adhered to. All in all, there are many differences between the US and overseas suppliers. When choosing a supplier, you should consider the benefits and risks to get the best quality for your products. USA suppliers know the regulations and requirements of products, such as food and toy safety requirements, chemical restrictions, and the like. 


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